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Emily Dickison

What do the Critics have to say?

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What the Critics say..

Critics now days think of Emilys poetry as very open to speculation, since her poems are so difficult, is not completely impossible to understand or analyze. Emily was almost unknown as a poet in her lifetime, but is now recognized by many as one of the greatest poets, and the greatest Lyrical Poet of all time. Some critics have tried to explain her poetry by looking at her life, and some try to explain the life of Emily by looking at and trying to understand her poetry. Homosexuality is found within her poets to Gender Critics, Some Feminist critics see evidence that she was a victim in particular by her Father of patriarchy (where the father is the supreme authority in the household). Emily Dickinson wrote more then 1700 poems so critics find it somewhat easy to find evidence of their theories in her poetry.

Some Critics say that if Emilys poetry was published during her lifetime and had gotten negative criticism it would have brought her into a more solitary state of her existance, which possibly they think could have led to complete silence from the poet. Critics say that Emily was not writing her poetry to please the critics eyes, because at that time they were not ready for her originality or her intense style of poems. Emily did have a very close friend that she wrote many letters too, his name was T.W. Higginson and he was a literary critic that Emily often turned to for advice and considered him her "safest friend". Some say he helped her establish her own private poetic method. Through Emilys hard times she wrote poems even Higginson could not comprehend or even begin to understand. "If fame belonged to me," she told Higginson, "I could not escape her; if she did not, the longest day would pass me on the chase.… My barefoot rank is better." Only about 10 of Emilys poems were published during her lifetime, it wasn't until the 21st century that Emily Dickinson finally got the respect her poems demanded.

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